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Sustainability Manager

I have a deep understanding of stakeholder driven sustainability management and reporting in IT-hardware- and software industries. My approach on supply chain management was selected as best practice by a German Federal Ministry.


I have been invited to speak at Universities, Corporate Events as well as leading Sustainability Conferences on the topics of Supply Chain Management, Sustainable Business Development and Corporate Citizenship.

You can find my reference list here.

Citizenship Manager

I have organised Corporate Volunteering and Fundraising events in various countries for C-Level Executives as well as thousands of employees to drive learning and increase motivation. I specialise in digital formats which can scale towards large audiences.

Business Developer

I have developed and executed market entry strategies, introduced new services as well as acquired customers in Europe and Asia. In my last position we reached a seven-figure turnover.


I have organised, facilitated and moderated large and small workshops. This using design thinking and interactive methods to engage and involve the groups deeply into the topic.

Network Builder

What started as my need to learn all about sustainability management led to jointly founding the Peer School for Sustainable Development and becoming the Editor of CSR and Social Enterprise.

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Ich bin völlig baff!

Seit heute bin ich mit 3.000 Menschen verbunden. Was eine Zahl. Das ist ein Kleinstadt-Fußballstadion! So viele Currywürste krieg ich so schnell nicht zusammen.

Ich freue mich unglaublich, dass die Szene der Nachhaltigkeitsverantwo…https://lnkd.in/eyTnSMJk

Hey @eurowings, wir haben unseren Buggy in FRA vergessen. @Lufthansa_DE meldet den Fund, ihr sagt das Gegenteil. Wie komm ich an den Buggy? Fühle mich wie Asterix und Obelix mit Passierschein A38 in Euren Hotlines… HILFE! 🤪

Die meisten DAX-40 Unternehmen engagieren sich bereits in der Krise...

Wir haben gestern bei LinkedIn die Unternehmensseiten der DAX-40 analysiert und einige Einblicke für Euch zusammen getragen:

- 31 der DAX-40 Unternehmen engagieren sich mit Geld-, Sa…https://lnkd.in/dzQ2gSpn

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