May I introduce myself?

My name is Alexander Kraemer and I studied Management and Economics at the Ruhr-University Bochum as well at the Tongji University in Shanghai. Next to my studies I gained work experiences in Europe and Asia for Corporates, Consultanties, Foundations and leading Social Enterprises. Today I am a...

Business Developer

Market oriented growth is the focus of my experiences. I have helped enter new markets in Asia, launch new services in Europe as well as successfully training sales teams to cross- and upsell existing products and services in various industries.

All that with sustainable products and services.

Sustainability Professional

The spectrum of my experiences reaches from value chain management, new product development, stakeholdermanagement, materiality analysis, global reporting as well as corporate volunteering, fundraising and grants up to impact evaluation.

I am currently working for an international Corporate as Foundation Manager for Central Europe.

Social Entrepreneur

With 16 Corporate Responsibility Managers we took peer learning to the next level and founded the Peer School for Sustainable Development.

To date, more than 450 Corporate Social Responsibility Experts, Foundation Managers, Researchers and Social Entrepreneurs participated in our formats, such as think17.

Fan of Partnerships

Together with Prof. Dr. Laura Marie Edinger-Schons and with more than 40 leading experts from Corporate Social Responsibility and Social Entreprise we published the book CSR and Social Enterprise.

Speaker and Facilitator

More than 130 times I was asked to speak at or facilitate events, lectures and workshops on the topics of Corporate Responsibility, Business Development and Social Entrepreneurship.

Looking for a speaker or facilitator?

I have gained extensive speaking and facilitation experiences in Academic, Corporate, Foundation and Social Enterprise contexts. Even as TEDx Speaker, twice.

speaking or facilitation engagements

My speaking and facilitation approach

I believe in interactivity, stakeholder centricity and peer learning. My experiences of more than 130 speaking and facilitation engagements showed me that knowledge lies in the teams and in the business communities. Bringing the smartest minds together and working towards a common goal is most powerful tool you can get. Sometimes you need someone in the room to find that goal and facilitate the path development.

You can find my reference list here.

I have a very straight forward pricing policy for my speaking and facilitation engagements: Pay what you want. You name the price and you will receive a invoice for said amount (plus travel expenses) after the successfull engagement.

Feel free to shedule a first, free call where we can talk about your business needs and expectations.


My passion topics

Corporate Social Entrepreneurship
Corporate Social Responsibility Management
Sustainable Business Development
Impact Evaluation

If you have any questions, you don’t know whether I can help you or you want to make your company more sustainable but ’t haven't started yet.

Shoot me message or shedule a call - I’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

Looking forward talking to you!

Alexander Kraemer

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