I love collaborative and business approaches to drive sustainability.

In the past 10 years I have gained hands-on experience as a...

Sustainability Manager

I have a deep understanding of stakeholder driven sustainability management and reporting in IT-hardware- and software industries. My approach on supply chain management was selected as best practice by a German Federal Ministry.


I have organised, facilitated and contributed to more than 100 conferences, workshops as well as peer learning experiences. Also, I was asked twice to speak at tedx events. You can find my reference list here.

Business Developer

I have developed and executed market entry strategies, introduced new services as well as acquired customers in Europe and Asia. In my last position we reached a seven-figure turnover.

Collaboration Evangelist

What started as my need to learn all about sustainability management led to jointly founding the Peer School for Sustainable Development and becoming the Editor of CSR and Social Enterprise.

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Wie können #Menschenrechte steuerungsrelevant für Unternehmen & das Finanzsystem werden? Hiermit beschäftigt sich das neue @econsense-Diskussionspapier 'Menschenrechte messbar machen' von @laura__franken, eine umfassende Sammlung von quantitativen KPIs. https://econsense.de/aktuelles/neues-econsense-diskussionspapier-menschenrechte-messbar-machen/

Wir stellen für euch Anregungen, Konzepte, Formate und Methoden für gute und lebendige #Digitalkonferenzen in einem Online-#Handbuch zusammen. Vieles steht schon drin – aber auch ihr könnt euch noch beteiligen.
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