I grew up as a billiugual expat-kid in Sydney, Australia, in a very international community. When I was 12 we went back to Hamburg, Germany. Adjusting to the different culture was rough, but the love for traveling stayed.

When I finished high school, I wanted to learn everything about asian culture and business. To achieve my goal I moved to Bochum, Germany and started studying Management and Economics of East Asia at the Ruhr-University Bochum. Any chance I got, I traveled to Asia to work pr learn about the cultures and languages. I worked at a large chemical corporation, FMC, in Shanghai and Hong Kong, China as well as in a Social Enterprise, Sunlabob, in South-East Asia. If you ever see a weather report from Laos, I am proud to say, it was one of my projects to source meteorology technology for the Japanese Development Agency (JICA).

Between traveling and working in Asia I worked at the Chair of Management and Innovation as as a Teaching and Research Assistant. Were I learnt the theoretical management approaches and research methods that I still use today. And I also worked part-time as a Junior Consultant at anders.beraten. Where I deeped my skills in workshops and learning experience facilitation.

I gained my first Entrepreneur experience as Founder of Enactus Ruhr-University Bochum. We started off with eight friends consulting non-profit organisations. After one and a half years, we had won awards, gained extensive funding, acquired a vast network of mentors and grew to a team of 42 students. To date the organisation is active, helping non-profit organisations in the region to thrive.

In the summer of 2010 I handed over my learship role at Enactus and traveled to New Dehli, India. There I worked as an intern with the German Corporation for International Cooperation (GIZ). My job was to support the Umbrella Programm for Micro-, Small- and Medium-Enterprises by developing business innovation tools for 42 Million organisations.

In my last semester at University I wrote my thesis with the Bertelsmann Foundation on the topic „Building Networks of Practice“. Here I researched two international networks by conducting 21 interviews in 10 countries. It was my goal to identify the steps to build inter-personal and professional learning networks. I finalised my thesis and undertook my last intership with the Non-Profit Consulting team at PwC in Berlin, Germany. Here we consulted large public foundations as well as conducting Corporate Citizenship research.

My first real job, was as a Sustainability Consultant with Consileon in Karlsruhe, Germany. It was my task to consult soccer clubs and health care organisations on the topic of sustainability. But, after a short period of time one of my clients became my employer: AfB.

At AfB I took on the role as Sustainability and Business Development Manager. Thereby driving social and ecological topics within the fast growing IT-hardware company. We took on the task to developing the first Vision and Mission of the Social Enterprise. We identified the core values of the organisation. Moreover we derived the sustainability strategy through the stakeholder driven process. We even conducted a Social Return on Investment analysis, so that we can monetise our achievements. 2,48 Euro per Invested Euro, I will never forget that number.

After two years I got promoted to Head of Corporate Responsibility and Social Business Development. A bulky title, I know, but how do you decribe a role, which balances sustainability and business development? In that role I was responsible for these two topics for the entire group of businesses in four european countries. I worked with large telecommunication companies on take-back systems for mobile phones, developed value-adding reporting systems as well as increasing the core sustainability within the organisation. Here also we won awards for our achievements.

I would have never succeded without learning from the best Corporate Responsibilty Managers in Germany. Especially a dear friend who really took me under her wings. We started off as mentors, finally inspiring the concept of my second Social Enterprise: the Peer School for Sustainable Development. It is the core objective to facilitate peer learing for sustainability managers. We founded the Peer School with 16 Corporate Social Responsibility- and Foundation Managers as well as leading Academic Researchers. To date we are growing in vast speeds and becoming the leading Corporate Social Responsibility Manager Association in Germany.

Remember, when I switched sides from Social Enterprise to Development Agency? After four and a half years as AfB I needed a change, so I moved on to becoming Sage Foundation Manager for Central Europe with Sage. Here in the british Corporate with 13.000 employees I managed a budget, developed executed regional corporate philantrophy strategies and worked with a fantastic team of 48 Sage Foundation Ambassadors. I learnt how a huge multinational corporate works and how to inspire colleagues to donate time and money in our communities.

After two years at Sage I received an offer from a great organisation which I have known and admired for many years. I am honored to be part of the Haus des Stiftens. Here I work in the Corporate Partnership department and can increase my impact by working with various business partners on citizenship topics.

And, I am continuing my work at the Peer School.